Börsenguru George Soros wettet auf Bitcoin-Aktie

George Soros on Bitcoin...

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George Soros on Bitcoin...

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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] George Soros on Bitcoin

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r/Bitcoin recap - November 2019

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 35th monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
You can see recaps of the previous months on Bitcoinsnippets.com
A recap of Bitcoin in November 2019
Regulation & Politics
Archeology (Financial Incumbents)
Fun & Other
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Bitcoin Gold Fork: Last Chance For You Filthy Nocoinssess To Climb Off Soros’ Nutsack And Jump On The Profit Train Before It Takes Off Straight To Oberon! You’ve Been Wormed!

You FUDpackers probably heard the lies about Bitcoin Gold, the totally necessary and superior Bitcoin Fork, spoon, or whatever is the immutablest, bestest utensil there is. The hissing fiatist serpents might have you believe that it has hit a rough patch, such as being down 90% from ATH or being hit by a 51% attack.
Don’t let the freedom haters FUD you up the A! Even if these slanderous lies were true (and rest assured, they are not), the developers, blessings be upon them, are going to fork it, so fast, so hard, balls deep. And you know what that means: TWO TOKEN, baby!
There of course going to be newly minted Bitcoin Gold Gold, (Bitcoin Gold2, Bitcoin Goldest, Gold 2: Cryptoneketic Bugaloo), freshly born into this world with a victorious hawk screech, bursting through the warty chest of banktatorship covered with viscera, shit and glory, the hero we don’t fucking deserve but desperately need!
And, the glorious old guard, The Original, the Elder Statesman, Bitcoin Gold Classic, or NAMBLA for short. That’s right, shitdogs, a tokenomic orgy is about to unfold, and you are invited for probably the last time. All you have to bring is some lube in the form of dirty, useless, cancerous fiat, that you can ceremonially shed the like an old carapace during your financial metamorphosis, tossing it onto the funeral pyre of the corrupt system of financial slavery.
Yesterday I saw a truly profound TA chart that clear as day showed the unlimited potential of post-fork Bitcoin Gold; unfortunately before I had a chance to take a picture a statist thug/demon spawn of Soros in the guise of a raccoon destroyed the masterpiece and ate the libertarian hero spider who created it. You will just have to take my word for it, weak ass handed fools. Wormed. You. All. Are.
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Alex Jones on Bitcoin: is he confusing Soros with Max Keiser?

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Max Keiser Says his Bitcoin Price Target of $100,000 Would Be Realized on a Soros pump

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Max Keiser Says his Bitcoin Price Target of $100,000 Would Be Realized on a Soros pump

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Billionaires Betting on Bitcoin: Rockefellers, Soros Send Prices Soaring

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I just spotted George Soros on Bitfinex /r/Bitcoin

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Billionaires Betting on Bitcoin: Rockefellers, Soros Send Prices Soaring

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Max Keiser Says his Bitcoin Price Target of $100,000 Would Be Realized on a Soros pump

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Billionaires Betting on Bitcoin: Rockefellers, Soros Send Prices Soaring

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Max Keiser Says his Bitcoin Price Target of $100,000 Would Be Realized on a Soros pump

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Billionaires Betting on Bitcoin: Rockefellers, Soros Send Prices Soa... #cryptocurrency #blockchain #eth… https://t.co/N5ZM7q2jhM - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: April 9, 2018 at 02:02PM
Billionaires Betting on Bitcoin: Rockefellers, Soros Send Prices Soa... #cryptocurrency #blockchain #eth… https://t.co/N5ZM7q2jhM
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"Cryptocurrency is a misnomer and is a typical bubble, which is always based on some kind of misunderstanding" - George Soros /r/Bitcoin

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[Holger Zschaepitz] Soros on Crypocurrencies at #wef18: Dictators turn to #Bitcoin to build investment abroad.

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George Soros is shorting the worldincluding, in particular, the USA and Chinaand going long on gold. (The connection to Bitcoin should be fairly obvious.)

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What has George Soros and Black Wednesday taught us about Bitcoin (reaction to Saturday's BBC report on Bitcoin in the UK)

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Loved Ones who fell victim and their media sources(Listed)

I want to share with you some of the media sources some of the Qanon supporters use from my experience. My stepbrother has always had a conspiratorial bent to him and over the years he would actually go so far as to print articles off and read them to our mother as often as possible. The brainwashing worked as both he and mom are totally brainwashed to think every single thing is "Soros, Clinton Foundation, Fauci, Dems" etc. It's the most caustic and aggravating thing I've ever seen because of the backdrop of us being in a pandemic. These articles were sourced from such places as X22 report(A anonymous, ranting lunatic on youtube with no legitimate experience or credentials), Jeff Berwick(A tax cheat, a ex canadian citizen, and bitcoin supporter living in Alcapulco, MX), and Mark Dice(another youtube idiot with no legitimacy), Alex Jones etc etc. These specific people and their leech-like behavior of using youtube to spread their tentacles of deception, lies, propaganda, buffoonery, and ignorance must be brought to an end. These groups and their ilk are relentless in trying to make their money on the basis of propaganda, in which they aren't even trying to have a semblance of credibility. All of this has culminated to America being brought to its knees and losing its face to the rest of the world in 2020. I believe many of you, as well as I never thought we could be reduced to a pathetic, helpless situation in which the world gasps in horror at what America has become. It's because we ignored these freaks for far too long and how they are disseminating their propaganda. I have questioned if we should continue to keep the first amendment at this point. If there are other ways we can get rid of these people besides all social media companies, and youtube banning them, then I'm all ears. Is it enough to ban these imbeciles from the internet completely? Or must we go further? I suggested in another article that we should have schools debunk and address conspiracies to every kid in high school, but I'm not certain that would also be the best way. What are your thoughts?
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The Great Web of Slime

There is a web of invisible slime that reaches out from the artificial traditions of psychological think tanks, like The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, whose roots trace back to the Vienna Psychology Club; a web that stretches across the entire world and inserts itself into your lives in intrusive, unethical and corrupt ways. Groups are deceiving you for a dollar, for a vote, for your personal information, for your labor; for your body and soul. This deception is carried out using every screen you look at, every song offered to you, every sign on a billboard, every popular book, magazine and newspaper.
If you want honest information; if you want to see past the slime, you are going to have to look hard for it. If you are just starting down your journey of being cognizant of the deception, the scope is difficult to believe but well borne out by the evidence. We all know the news is dishonest, but the common myth is that it is for the ratings and for the views. The ways in which the news is dishonest is what is really difficult for people to swallow and the “why” still very much in debate until you understand the framework by which they operate.
Systemic corruption is no exception to the march of modernization; more sophisticated than ever and more capable of staying hidden to the average person. Modern day slavers control the narrative and the reason it is a spiritual conflict between good and evil is because there are a very small group of people who believe that stealing your agency/free will/consciousness lends itself to their ability to become gods, in their own right.
Understanding that the elite have deep occult traditions is important, though often scoffed at. However, to advertise their power and influence, occult messages are constantly and publicly advertised back and forth between these groups. It is no theory that think tanks have studied and implemented cult behavior even going so far as to create artificial cults in which to entrap people.
Faceless, emotionless, unempathetic organizations that are merely constructed of words on paper are able to impose these cult tactics on you with impunity and in secrecy. This is the heart of the problem; when it comes to an organization, company, agency, church, etc., these abstract constructs are very much not human, at all. Their existence is alien and unknown to human instincts, who assign human attributes naturally and without conscious thought. These constructs take advantage of normal, honest, empathetic individuals by mimicking empathy, not by actually being empathetic.
There are more slaves, now, than ever in human history and the methods of enslaving are far more insidious than ever. Modern slavery networks and the corrupt political ecosystems that allow them to endure are the heart of mankind’s problems. If we, as a society, were able to address the corruption that keeps these networks alive, then we, as society, would solve a lot of problems surrounding organized crime, in general, not just the problem human trafficking.
How do we do that? It is very simple; “Zero Trust” policies in organizations and 100% government transparency. That’s it. A great deal of time, effort and money are spent making sure these issues never hit the ballot box and are never part of the platform of a candidate you are given the option to vote for. The movies you watch are constantly reminding you of dangers that allow a select group of idiots to maintain secrecy that is undeserved and clearly wielded for uses other than helping society.
Common sense solutions are not prioritized by the media and politicians. Don’t be a part of the destruction of common sense and common courtesy. Stop taking the bait. Stop taking the path of least resistance. We are all guilty, but pushing yourself to be better and do better has a ripple effect in the world around you. Being a terrible person also has a ripple effect. There are enough bad ripples.
The concept of an “epiphany” is an important one; where a person’s mind changes on a physical, neurochemical level to the extent that their world view changes. The moment a person is “red pilled” is an epiphany and it is very much the concern of media and Internet shills and their manipulative overlords because they do not want people to have the realization that the system is corrupt from top to bottom and that both sides of most narratives. But, if you do have that realization, there is a plan for you; to do nothing and sit idly by as corrupt forces continue their work. When you have an epiphany, the neurochemical storm actually is a moment where you are most suggestible and most ready to be manipulated.
If you manage to raise your level of awareness across multiple narratives, the system almost doesn’t need to care about you, anymore, as they have likely already moved you to inaction and made you unwilling to tell others the truth.
While there is a great deal of science that goes behind manipulating people, the tradition is as old as human history, itself; it’s origins, magical from the perspective of the ancients. Whether you call mass manipulation “hypnosis,” “psychology,” “magic” or “science,” the fact of the matter is that it is there in a more constant form than ever, impossible to avoid, and invisible to those who aren’t paying attention or willing to research and think for themselves.
Like the idea of dark matter, you cannot see it directly (at least, when done well), but should be able to test and compare data data in different circumstances to detect it. There are many confirmed real world examples of mass manipulation that people should be aware of, because it is very easy for people to believe that it is not happening to them.
Many say that is too big of a conspiracy to keep secret; though we already see how it works with a variety of leaks, court cases and plenty of proven real world examples. If you encounter this argument, you have probably encountered someone who is hypnotized into misunderstanding the word “conspiracy”, where a group of people work together to commit crimes.
One easy way to create a consensus across media organizations is to enter into “non disparagement agreements.” For example, HBO entered into a non-disparagement agreement with Michael Jackson’s attorneys. A recent court case established that the agreement remains in effect even after his death. This means, with the right law firm, someone can enter into many unknown non disparagement agreements with many companies.
It sounds weird, but this is like black magic. Occult literally means hidden. Secret words have been spelled out that the public is not aware of, but creates the illusion that there is a consensus about any given personality; like say a politician, a singer or an actor. A web of mutual non-disparagement agreements works as a form of forensic interruption, preventing people being held accountable for crimes.
Between non-disclosure agreements and non-disparagement agreements, there is a web of protected relationships where people, products and even governments are not allowed to be discussed in a negative light.
This has created an extortion racket by the media. If you don’t buy in, then you are fair game. Not only are you fair game, they will harass you until you buy in because they literally need something to do due to their lack of ability to speak negatively about their cohorts.
When you consider the nexus between government and media, the problem is compounded when you introduce the concept of keeping things secret for national security. Policy has created the circumstance that corporate and secret government interests are intertwined and they become aligned in keeping each other out of jail.
While a lot of this is managed at upper echelons, the system is merely taking advantage of human nature, which is why the government and media should be operating from a “zero trust” standpoint and not the other way around, like it currently is. There is and never has been any reason to trust the media or the government, and doubly so when their interests are aligned. There are many proven real world examples.
The first ingredient to modern mass hypnosis is saturation and repetition. Your first clue that the message is artificial is when many corporate, government and astroturfing battlegrounds all agree on the same thing.
Not only is a contrived message oft-repeated, it is generally very polarized; where, due to cognitive bias, it is designed for consumption by both sides with the ideal result of making one side feel schadenfreude and the other side feel outrage and injustice. Just being aware of this polarization tactic and allowing yourself to have more nuanced opinions that the black or white ones offered up to you, is incredibly effective at not taking the bait.
“Systems Psychodynamics” is the name of the psychological framework that is used to monitor and control people, primarily based on attacking and reforming “basic assumptions.” By controlling everyone’s basic assumptions using the repetitious push and pulling narratives, the levers of political and monetary behavior are controlled through “influencers.” This framework reads like it was written for social media, though, in reality, it is much older; social media merely enhances the effects.
One easy way to detect the agenda and the widespreadness of the corruption, without even knowing the finer points of mass persuasion techniques, is to see what is censored. Generally, the astroturfing campaigns seek to drown out good information that is contrary to their cause. However, when you find some information that is very damaging to their narrative, especially before they’ve scripted a response, it gets removed. Eventually, they will write up a standard response, but this takes time.
For this reason, I incubate a number of censorship experiments across multiple sites. While people easily get away with discussions about aliens and flat earth, conversations about modern slavery are shut down everywhere; particularly if you call people to action in reporting crimes. Sites that purport to be “free speech” will not allow you to openly hunt human traffickers and the “system” seems to hate vigilantes more than anything.
Most recently, the censorship around Covid “truth” is heaviest. Censorship of doctors has been swift and totalitarian. However, because I see generally what gets censored, first, I knew this was all a scam from Day One. The first SARS COV 2 tests, up until March, were merely SARS COV tests. Very literally. The SARS COV 2 tests hadn’t been invented, yet. Explaining that the body produces the CR3022 protein (what the antibody tests look for) for all human affecting coronaviruses was heavily censored. Even now, explaining this basic fact that exposes why a great deal of testing is fraudulent, is struck from both Right and Left astroturfing machines. If you really want a rabbit hole to dig through, search the coronavirus pandemic bonds that matured March 23, 2020.
Prior to that, the name “Eric Ciaramella” was one of the most censored things on the Internet. Censored, in that the information was deleted immediately. The motivations behind these multi-site censorship campaigns should have everyone concerned because it is consistently in support of Democrat and RINO narratives, politically, and always in favor of human traffickers.
However, even the Q Anon group will censor you with a variety of tactics if you speak of certain things in the wrong way or mention the possibility that they, themselves, are part of an astroturfing outfit. Fox News still won’t give a fair shake to the Uranium One/Skolkovo/Troika Laundromat evidence and it betrays them as controlled opposition/ a limited hangout, since it would destroy the Democrats.
Any “side” of politics you can be on, whether it’s fringe or mainstream or Right or Left, every group has limits to what truthful statements they will tolerate and the nexus where all the groups meet in alignment is when it comes to discussing modern day slavery and who is profiting from it.
Simply removing content is very overt and complaining about it to those who do it will usually earn you a mute or a ban. Running a “brand” across multiple platforms requires conformity to social media company ideologies, or you will be subjected to any and all means of censorship.
Covert means of censorship are also rampant. Upvotes.Club offers a service that not only promotes the content you want, but downvotes topics that run contrary to your marketing strategy. This is one of many astroturfing services. Shadow banning is another tactic that can be difficult to detect. “Deboosting” is common in social platforms, as well, where the number or type of viewers who see your content is limited. This breeds “echo chambers” across multiple Internet communities.
Out of frustration and curiosity, I began experimenting with different ways to engage with the shill communities. Very often, their own tactics work quite well against them. Years into this push and pull with these groups, my best strategy has evolved to monitor them as they often telegraph economic opportunity and subvert them from behind a layer of complexity a shill script can’t understand and is unable to deal with. When I noticed Bitcoin was being heavily shilled, I saw a signal to buy early. This was the catalyst for rethinking everything I was doing.
When I noticed that there was blatant fraud in the media about SARS COV 2, I noticed the exact same behavior I had seen before when I struck it rich with Bitcoin. I even went to my audience and said on a podcast, “the market will be back to normal levels in a month… six tops.” I bought the dip, knowing the numbers were fully overblown. My $TSLA experience has been quite enriching.
Every day, in the stock trading communities, shills are looking to pump and dump stocks and groups are spending money to illegally manipulate the stock market. However, you can use different ways to monitor social media to detect potential pumps and dumps. If you start seeing the same thing show up on different platforms, among different known shill groups, you know someone has paid for a pump and dump. So long as you have a set, small percentage to gain, you can avoid the pitfalls and get out early.
Right now, that is my “edge”, in trading. I don’t feel nearly as obligated to spread the truth to others, since I’ve realigned my priorities. These technological tools for being the first to news items, to new evidence, finding new ways of searching existing information; not only does it help you navigate past censorship, you can use it to make more “realistic” decisions about the world around you.
Politics and the stock market are inextricably linked. To be informed on one, is to be informed on the other. When you begin to pull in more intersecting information, like “systems psychodynamics” and overall agendas of differing groups, you are expanding your knowledge and your consciousness so that your intellect has more of a real world impact.
When you delve deep into ancient traditions, you will, eventually, learn of alchemy; usually the pursuit of endless wealth or the search for immortality. Day trading well is, essentially, modern day alchemy in that you are making money from thin air. Musicians transform what is in their mind into a product that can be sold. There are many forms of alchemy. Bitcoin is another great example of modern day alchemy. In my humble opinion, augmenting your own well-disciplined intellect with good computing practices can make you a modern day wizard; an alchemist.
Many people were saturated with pro-Nihilism marketing and ate it up with their Cheerio's while listening to Nirvana CDs. A couple of generations of nihilists later, combined with portable dopamine trap screens from waking moment 'til slumber, and people are literally having a hard time finding a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
Being a successful trader heals a lot of the damage from that consumerist propaganda and forces people to interact with the natural causes of their decision making.
The Market is not racist. The only color you have to worry about is green. The market does not celebrate your success or mock your failures. The opinions of critics do not count.
The Market does not care about your feelings or anyone else's.
All people enter the Market equal and there are no participation awards. There is no busywork. Your test scores do not matter. All that matters are results and that type of black and white simplicity makes the Market the most sane aspect of society, right now.
Though most of the obvious stocks have since reached preCovid normality, it has been easy to make money by sorting every ticker by Feb 20 high, then subtract the current price, calculate potential gain when they return to their old price and pick ones that had a high probability of doubling or tripling your money the fastest.
I understand it seems tangential, the stock market angle, but when you are routinely called a “conspiracy theorist”, it helps to be as realistic as possible and there is no better way to prove your theories than by putting your money where your mouth is.
The stock market is a vessel from which normal people (”retail investors”) are scammed constantly, for the benefit of institutional investors. The Epsteins, the Soros’, all the political elite; they are playing in this realm and they graduated to using AI and machine learning to augment their schemes years ago. In order to understand the elite, you have to understand their playground.
In order to compete in the information age, you need to augment your intellect using technology. If nothing else, use it to be meticulously organized. If you get organized in only one aspect of your life, make it your finances.
The Democratic party uses the ADA AI, named from Ada Lovelace and a competitor, in 2016, Cambridge Analytica, was used by the Republicans. These AI’s are augmented with databases and metadatabases of everything that can be served up by a social media APIs. They know everything about you and they don’t spy on your microphones, cameras and screenshots to catch you at crimes; they are spying on you in order to better teach you how to vote and spend money.
Combined with an army of astroturfing accounts, these AIs are quite good at manipulating what shows up on your screen. This type of censorship is bad for stock traders, researchers and people who just want a few honest answers.
In order to compete a bit better, I have taken to making by own custom feeds and scrapers, so that I can database text of many sites and subjects, which then is far easier to search, but is also able to sort information so that I can find what I am looking for in a few minutes, as opposed to trawling the same channels or search engines everyday and learning relatively little. I am really on the hunt for stuff that is voted up or noticed organically and is in that stage before it catches on by a shill group. I incorporate a lot of OSINT tools and I like to collect leaked databases to be able to compare information. It is very helpful to use machine learning to detect what I need as quickly as possible and serve it up to me, first.
Applying my own knowledge of how the astroturfing system works, I have developed strategies to target influencers with new and original information and I can quickly and easily get it to them without influencers even knowing I am the source of the information. I just have to identify the correct group to get my message out, then make sure their leaders see the information, who will naturally post it on their own and their followers will naturally vote information up for free. I don’t do this with stocks (questionable legality), but I do feed good news to the right people and I exert a lot less effort to get ideas across all platforms than I used to.
No astroturfing groups are into anti-consumerist ideas. “Hydro Homies” and “No Fap” are two great examples that recommend people be anti-consumerist and avoid specific products. As a result, these movements, despite being healthy and productive, have a lot of trouble gaining traction. There is no mainstream push for a truly healthy agenda. All contrived movements must pay to astroturf and shill because, otherwise, embracing their products and ideas is contrary to your well being. No shill group is working to save you money or trying to convince you to make the right decision, for yourself.
There are certain messages almost no one will add social media velocity to; detailed instructions on how to report crimes or catch pedophiles, leaked information that hurts both sides of the political spectrum, anything a little too technical or complex.
There are already efforts to make hijack the anti-human trafficking crowd. They will be tricked into meaningless pursuits that have no real world consequence. Money will be raised and wasted. News article after news article will be pumped out detailing how everyone is supporting victims and raising awareness. Meanwhile; nobody of consequence is arrested. The mining industry will continue to use forced labor and the networks they use will also feed the sex slavery and domestic servitude and the systemic policies and corrupt politicians will continue on unimpeded.
Let’s hope that changes, but it will require a lot more people getting off their asses and getting involved. It will require a lot more people speaking up outside of their echo chambers.
Ready. Set. Go.
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Twitter bitcoin hack is pizzagate hack?

Most posts on the twitter hack so far have been about Bitcoin, but prominent Dutch politician Geert Wilders has also been hacked and is retweeting A bunch of pizzagate stuff. Check out his twitter. (I didn’t know how to include screenshots) it’s stuff about John podesta, andenochrome, George soros etc.
[geert wilders Twitter ](mobile.twitter.com/geertwilderspvv?lang=en) https://twitter.com/geertwilderspvv?lang=en
My question, has anybody noticed tweets like this at any of the other accounts that have been hacked? Or do you think this is a separate hack?
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Billionaire George Soros may be preparing to invest in cryptocurrency SOROS ÉS A BITCOIN!!! NEUE BITCOIN HAIE - ROCKEFELLER UND SOROS INVESTIEREN LANGFRISTIG Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News - UN, Soros, Mining Crack ... Bitcoin Billionaire George Soros Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Nobody really knows what the long-term effect will be of Soros’ entry into the crypto markets, only months after he joined other elites at Davos in calling bitcoin a bubble. Things are about to ... US-Investor und Multimilliardär George Soros hat am Rande des laufenden Weltwirtschaftgipfels in Davos den Bitcoin kritisiert. Der Bitcoin sei für ihn keine Währung, weil er zu instabil sei. George Soros is a notorious example in this regard. Earlier this year, he claims Bitcoin is a bubble. It seems that comment helped push the price down, which may have been the plan all along. The Curious Case of George Soros. Few people were surprised when George Soros claimed Bitcoin is a bubble. In January of 2018, he described ... Die Nachrichtenagentur Bloomberg berichtete am 6.April, dass den Tradern des Soros Fund Management bald erlaubt sein wird, auch mit Kryptowährungen zu handeln.Beim Unternehmen laufen die Vorbereitungen für den Handel mit Bitcoin & Co. auf Hochtouren. Auf dem Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos sagte der Milliardär Soros noch im Januar dieses Jahres, dass Digitalwährungen aufgrund ihrer ... Noch vor wenigen Wochen unkte Georg Soros, der Bitcoin sein keine Währung. Jetzt hat er es sich offenbar anders überlegt und steigt in das Krypto-Geschäft ein.In dem aktuell veröffentlichten F 13 Formular der Aufsichtsbehörde SEC ist ersichtlich, dass er einen großen Anteil am Unternehmen Overstock

[index] [40004] [12621] [31557] [3476] [29391] [24505] [20813] [30761] [18500] [25003]

Billionaire George Soros may be preparing to invest in cryptocurrency

Investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin is a bumpy ride -- but now, there's word one of the world's leading investors is planning to take the plunge. https://abc7ne.ws/2Hgp68W. Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news - Soros gets into crypto, a county in Washington sours on bitcoin miners, EOS releases Dawn 3.0, and the UN is using... One of the world's most successful investors is now into crypto-investing... Learn how to capitalize on Crypto without having to buy more of it to hold more ... Soros György lufinak nevezi a bitcoint a Davosi konferencián,vajon tudatos manipulációt végez? Szerintem igen és te mit gondolsz? A speculation on what the legendary investor George Soros - who made a billion dollars shorting and breaking the bank of England - what he would say about Bitcoin and ethereum and other ...