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[META] I am still wondering why the prices are so high.

ALTHOUGH THIS HAS AN "ANGRY" TONE, I'D LIKE MY MIND TO BE CHANGED ON THIS, POSSIBLY WITH THE SAME "CYNICAL/SARCASTIC" TONE, not with a shitload of downvotes and with rich people yelling at me. I truly love the fact that we have exchanges built on trust, person to person. Dogemarket has been my only way of buying dogecoins and I'm starting trading just now. So:
Looking at the number of dislikes and likes in the comments of the [META] post explaining the prices, there is a clear tendecy of conserving the right to set whatever price big sellers want. You don't agree? Have a downvote, a "ignorant" label and kick out of the market. Llet me sell my shit at my own price. This is lobby behaving. In the risks list, include how much you made from selling dogecoin at at least 30% the market price. Let's say you actually get that bitcoin: 1 BTC today from justcoin is about 500€; yesterday almost the same (+10-) Go to cryptsy (I'd go to vircurex, but let's stick to your case) and trade it for: 366,789 doge (right now). How much are 360,000 doge? Right now 445€, make it 440 to make it round. So 60€ to go even: about 15% (1.41€) more of the price on the lot will break even. From there up it's all in your pocket. How much is 30% of the price more? It's 70€ on 1 BTC you bought. So let's see what's on the market... 500k at 2.5$/k, which is 50%, 50% more than the price 5hrs ago (when it was posted). Well we know our numbers. How much is in the pocket of the seller? We're in luck! 5 hrs ago the price was still about (20€ more 4 hours behind those 5 I considered and vox allows 2,3h BTC transactions) 500€/BTC and dogecoin was again at 270 satoshi. We'll keep numbers high, although it is probable OP bought at less than 240 satoshi. It brings us again at about 1.41€ to break even: 705€ for 502,000Ð or 1.356 BTC at 520€/BTC, 260satoshi/DOGE. Woop woop we have at least 900€ cashed in with that 35% more!. Meh, 200€ every 2 or 3 days (assuming this isn't daily) and you complain about losing say 500€ every month? Fuck me that's still 1900€ per month at the rhythm I supposed. I understand the risk of BTC is rising fast seen the shit is happening. But hey, there's still Litecoin and a lot of other ways to buy dogecoin. I could even buy from you at 30% and then then sell immediatly after at 50%. I have not taken in account the dogecoin price oscillation! If anybody bought dogecoins when they were under 200 satoshi and selling them now at 30% more the ACTUAL price... shit... What am I studying for?
One final thought. Not everybody loses stuff. There are merchants that have bad luck like you, but for the rest there is no excuse. Being this a free market, you can sell whatever you want at the price you want and if there is someone buying, you'll keep selling. I don't think sellers that keep selling are in red. Honestly, If I had enough money, I'd mine my dogecoins and sell them at 110% the current price. I hope I will find a solution to this. P.S. How can you guys think PayPal and Amazon don't notice all that money entering?!? P.P.S Why don't you cut your transactions in little pieces, say 10,000 doges at a time? P.P.P.S. I really hope you understand I am a simple shibe. So if I made terrible mistakes in my reasoning, point them out; I'll bow my head and keep my journey.
TL;DR the prices in here are high enough to get most of the times about 15% back of the initial investment, if not more. Being for a lot of people entering dogecoin culture the first place to look at, /dogemarket should point more at spreading doge than squeezing out money at 30/40/50% of the actual price.
Sources: https://www.cryptsy.com http://coinmill.com/EUR_XDG.html http://doge.yottabyte.nu/ https://www.bitcoin.de/en
EDIT: TL;DR, format Edit2: how can you downvote? I see no blue arrow... - RES, okay Edit3: please see smuttr answer and mine below his/hers for the proof of my TL;DR Edit4: I get it: free market. People pay what they pay. So wake up, paying people. Meh... I haven't written all this to complain. Who should I complain with anyway? And you people talk, with 74 upvotes on a post about someone who chose the wrong website to buy bitcoin. What's that called again? Actually this post was just an answer to this one: http://www.reddit.com/dogemarket/comments/1xlzd0/meta_if_youre_wondering_why_the_prices_here_are/ Because I felt it was a little unfair how the voting system was hiding people trying to dissent with OP. I also wanted to make a couple of calculations to understand where actually the money goes in a 150% actual price transaction.
Edit5, final edit: The conclusion to this is that whoever thinks the prices are too damn high and tries to QUESTION, not complain, question why is that so, can go buy somewhere else. I'm happy you folks helped me with this. At least buyers will now know who they are dealing with. I profoundly thank smuttr for changing my mind on what the base price to calculate one's profit margin should be. Although I don't consider the incapacity of finding better instruments of exchange an excuse to charge more. As far as I see now: -Miners ride the wave of prices. Can't really say much... coinwarz.com calculate the break even on the actual price of altcoins, so for miners selling here, it will arrive 30% faster. -Traders are bound to this formula (that doesn't consider about oscillations, problems, risk...) : Investment / {'['(' {[(Investment - Wire)/BTCcost]exchange fee} /DOGEcost ')exchange fee'] -1'} /1000 Which with, for example Anxpro (it's the only one I know about right now), quickly collapse to I / {[(I-W)/BTCc] /DOGEc} / 1000. As you see the only variables in this one are I and W and, numbers in hand, the % of W in respect to I is what weights on the initial premium. So: [(I-W)/I - 1] is a constant factor to be considered in every price, until there will be no cost in bank transfer. In my example below is 2% and I honestly think it doesn't go above 5-7%. This means I>=200$ and W=15$. For fun, The exchange fees are to be accounted as they are. So now we have the IW + exBTC + exDOGE. I refuse to take in account the movement fees because they are plain stupid.
REAL TL;DR from the prices you see, you should account that about 3% is a real cost.
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Skatt av bitcoinprofitt og krav til dokumentasjon

Jeg har sett det har vært mange spørsmål om skattlegging av bitcoin her på /bitcoinno. Mange gode svar i disse, men jeg har et par problemer og vil gjerne ha deres betraktninger rundt dokumentasjon av opprinnelig innkjøp.
Brorparten av mine bitcoins ble kjøpt på justcoin.no i 2013/14 da den fremdeles eksisterte. Jeg var selvfølgelig så dum at jeg ikke lastet ned og tok vare på oversikten min over handler der. På dette tidspunktet var det snakk om et relativt lite beløp (og jeg hadde heller aldri tjent en eneste krone over frikortgrensen, så skatt var så og si et ukjent fenomen for meg.) Siden den gang har disse coinsene blitt flyttet til andre børser (som er blitt stengt uten forvarsel, slik at dokumentasjon fra disse heller ikke kan oppdrives uten videre) og andre wallets, og etter å ha saumfart gamle adresser har jeg heller enda ikke funnet tilbake til det opprinnelige uttaket mitt fra justcoin når de stengte.
Så det jeg har av dokumentasjon er: bankoverføringer fra min konto til justcoins, men jeg har ikke dokumentasjon på nøyaktig kjøpspris per bitcoin, eller på uttaksadresse fra justcoin.
Jeg tenkte å for første gang ta ut en profitt fra bitcoinsene mine og vil helst gjøre dette helt etter boken. Hva er beste fremgangsmåten i så tilfelle? Kontakte skatteetaten og si at jeg ikke har opprinnelig kjøpspris per btc (før de evt. spør om dokumentasjon)? Eller er det f.eks. rimelig om jeg estimerer antall kjøpte coins fra overføringenes størrelse og pris på overføringstidspunktet, og så beregner skatt ut i fra dette?
Beklager lang post!
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USD --> DOGE is a hassle

I was considering buying a graphics card to mine (I have intergrated NVIDIA graphics, no CUDA support). I figured, if I am shelling out the cash for a graphics card, why not buy DOGE directly? If only it were that easy, shibe, if only it were that easy. Here is my story of the past 2 hours. Hopefully my post will help you learn what does not work.
coinbase: my bank account did not support "instant verification" so now I am waiting for the verification transfer, supposed to take 2 business days. Waited for 2 weeks before and it never came . . . I will be more vigilant about customer support this time.
localbitcoins: no one wants to meet and sell for cash in my area (same w craigslist). Other than meeting in person, I don't really understand the online transfers behind localbitcoins.
dogefordollars: it's closed
buydogefrom.us: apparently out of dogecoin
bitstamp: requires bank transfer. I will stick to coinbase for the time being.
justcoin: requires bank transfer. seems reputable though.
virwox: seemed encouraging because they took credit/debit card. requires purchase of Second Life Linden dollars, but I am willing to do that. However, credit/debit deposit requires deposit through ANOTHER service called Skrill, at which point I say why bother.
/dogemarket: haven't tried it, but half the posts there are about scams, which does not inspire confidence on my part. Plus, I would like to avoid PayPal, which appears to be their primary method of payment.
I am a software developer and consider myself a technical person. I am trying to be somewhat private and secure about this whole process, which I suspect may be making the process much slower and more difficult than it would be otherwise. Can anyone confirm or deny? Is buying cryptocurrency really this annoying? I guess the difficulty of transferring USD is one of the reasons why Dogecoin and Bitcoin are good ideas in the first place.
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